Three day weekend

Unlike a lot of people, I actually worked on Friday. The office was very quiet. Then I took three days off.

The big event was colgaffneyis monthly drill. We worked with the matchlock muskets (unloaded). We had the luxury (this is December in Minnesota) of an indoor site. One of our members is a USMC Corporal and he got us into their training facility at Fort Snelling.

Afterwards we went to the home c_nocturnum and vitamin_g_prime for colgaffneyis “camp drill.” Some members members worked on sewing projects. Other of us went through a couple big boxes of old documents of the organization that mairi2 had unearthed. Sturgeon’s Revelation (I first heard about it more than 40 years ago, and keep the older phrasing) applies to this sort of collection, but the volume was high enough that the 10% was quite significant. Among it was a copy of McClintock’s Old Irish and Highland Dress, an important (for us) book that had disapppeared form the official archives. One of the long-time members grabbed it and I have a feeling it may disappear again. However, I have my own copy :-)>

Sunday morning mia_mcdavid slept in, while I went to church. The choir was off, and both the Rector and Music Director/Organist were on vacation. Still a good service: The second team did just fine.

In the afternoon I racked (transferred the young beer from last weekend to a secondary fermenter. This was much more difficult than it should have been. I had a lot of trouble with a clogged hose and valve. I need to review and change my process and/or equipment. However, it is done now and I can forget the beer about for a month or two, when I will bottle it.

I took Monday off. After getting up rather late we puttered around the house. I did some mending on my heavyweight period coat for colgaffneyis, having belatedly remembered that we have an event on Thursday. mia_mcdavid and I went out for lunch and ran some errands. We bought a couple birthday presents for our son Tom, did some other shopping, and checked colgaffneyis mailbox in Minneapolis. As usual there was nothing urgent or important there and only one thing of even mild interest.

In addition to our various Linux systems (Slackware and Debian), I have had one Windows XP box at home (not counting the one that belongs to my employer). I wanted to install Linux on it as well, but was frustrated by the small hard disk, which was not in easy place to remove and replace. So I found a 250 GB disk at one of our smaller local stores on Sunday. Yesterday I mounted it in an external USB enclosure that I had purchased from another such store. I then installed Debian, almost entirely on the USB disk. I only took enough space from the internal drive for the /boot partition, and I am not sure that was necessary. Debian installed GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) into the master boot record of the internal disk. Somewhat to my surprise, both Linux and Windows booted just fine. Apparently the USB drive is recognized early enough in the boot process that GRUB can work with it.

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