Opposite reactions

Christmas was a long day. It went well, but Tom, our severely autistic son, was with us until 4PM. We had to keep him entertained and amused, especially between 9 AM (when the brief orgy of present openingended) and 2 PM (Christmas dinner). Tom needs constant attention, though we were able to take naps in shifts. So when it was over….

mia_mcdavid wanted to get out and see friends. So she drove Tom back to his group home and then went to visit c_nocturnum and vitamin_g_prime at their family gathering.

I had no desire to go along. Coping with Tom had drained my social batteries, and I knew I had to go to work the next morning. I just wanted to stay home and do things on my own. I worked for a while on restoring a battered old broad axe, then moved several centuries forward in the history of technology to work on my Debian Linux system. I was pleased with my progress on both projects.

mia_mcdavid came home a little after 7PM. We found common ground then, watching the Mythbusters blow up things for the rest of the evening :-)>

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