Friday night and Saturday

Stress from work must be really getting to me. We put together and enjoyed a very nice dinner Friday evening, but afterwards, about 8 PM, I realized I could no longer focus on anything and went to bed.

Since I have to work tomorrow, we decided to have our weekend visit with Tom today (Saturday). We picked him up at his group home about 10 AM, and then drove to Taylors Falls, on the St. Croix to the Northeast of the Cities. We had taken Tom there before and had a good time. This time he was a little more reluctant to wander around the rocks, but we still did OK. Afterwards we went to lunch at Tangled Up in Blue in the town. We had been there on our previous visit, and once again it turned out to be the perfect restaurant for such an outing:

  • The staff was intelligent enough to understand and flexible enough to work with Tom’s dietary problems–gluten and casein allergies.
  • There was tasty and interesting food for the two of us

Afterwards we took Tom back to his home and then went back to our house. This proved to be a little more hassle than usual, because of freeway repairs, but we consoled ourselves with a stop for ice cream in southwest St. Paul. All that driving in the hot sun had made me tired, and I needed to sleep again for another hour or so after we got back home.

After my nap I worked on my bicycle, which had broken under me last Sunday. I was able bend the sprocket back into something close to its proper shape, and filed down some steel on the pedal assembly that was scraping the front derailleur. It seems to be in better shape than before, but it will be a while before I trust it on another 25 mile (40 km) ride.

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