Home alone

On Sunday morning mia_mcdavid and our son James left here for a road trip. They drove to Michigan, to see Mia’s mother and other relatives. I have been alone here, except for the cat, who apparently regards me primarily as her servant. So what have I been doing?

Sunday late morning: Church.

Sunday afternoon: Aftermath of the Scottish Fair. Setting out wool and canvas to dry in the sun. Putting away camping gear. Doing laundry.

Sunday evening: More laundry. Homework for Monday’s Irish class.

Monday—Friday daytime: Work.

Monday evening: Irish Class.

Tuesday evening: Writing up my notes from Irish class. Finished putting away camping gear. Still more laundry (we took home a lot of mud from the Scottish Fair). Finished reading Collapse of the Bronze Age.

Wednesday evening: Worked late on an Oracle database problem. Started reading The Sea Peoples.

Thursday evening: Worked late on the same Oracle database problem. Watered Mia’s plants. Went for a walk: I missed my lunch hour walk because of the Oracle issue.

Looking ahead:

Friday evening: Colgaffneyis Night at the Pub.

Saturday morning: Sleep in. Errands.

Saturday afternoon: Colgaffneyis quarterly business meeting.

Saturday evening: Mia and James return.

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