Reinstalling Windows

I have an old (2011) Lenovo ThinkPad which I used for various tests that I have documented in these pages. At some point the Windows installation on it got corrupted. I tried reinstalling Windows from the recovery drive that I had created, but that failed. So I tried again with a USB drive that I had created using the Windows Media creation tool. I think I had created this on another system, but it worked just fine after I put in old Windows activation code for the system. It took a while to download all the Windows updates it needed, but I expected that.

The next step was to do all the post-installation changes that I want to have on my systems. For this I have my Windows Configuration Notes. I took this opportunity to update those notes with steps I had forgotten to include earlier and to add links to technical details on some of the other steps. Hopefully this means I will not have to spend as much time looking up these details when I next have to configure a Windows system. I should make corresponding changes to my Linux Configuration Notes.

Right now the laptop is just a Windows system. I suppose I will turn it into a dual-boot system by adding some flavor of Linux, probably Debian or Ubuntu.

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