More about the new(er) ThinkPad

The 256GB drive on Another ThinkPad seemed a little small, so I replaced with 1 TB SSD. As in previous moves, I used Macrium under Windows to copy the contents of the existing drive to the new one, then rebooted into Linux and used gparted to add a new NTFS partition and a new ext4 partition on the larger drive. Following Lenovo ThinkPad X240 – Hard Disk Drive Replacement I physically removed the old SSD and installed the new one. Afterwards I rebooted into Windows and the new NTFS partition showed up as the D drive as planned.

I then rebooted into Linux. I wanted the new ext4 partition to be mounted as /home. This is what I did in Adding new disk partitions to a Linux system. In particular here I followed How to Move Your Home Folder to Another Partition in Linux, copying each step into a terminal session, with the appropriate changes to identify my new partition. Everything worked.

Apparently there is considerable interest in Getting The Most From Fading ThinkPads. Fascinating, but I don’t think I am ready for that kind of hardware work in the tight space of a laptop.

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