Monthly Archives: May 2007

Connections at the Fair

haddayr and I were pleased to see two of our friends from our Irish Class stop by colgaffneyis camp. We introduced them and showed them around. c_nocturnum showed one of them how to wear a greatkilt, and bullettheblue sold him a bonnet that twolodge had made.

Another visitor was a computer consultant I know from work and his wife. Recognition was delayed a second because of unfamiliar dress: I had never seen him in shorts and T-shirt, and he had never seen me in a kilt. One of those “he looks familiar…” moments, then I recognized the corporate logo on his shirt.

I also saw one of my Carleton folk dance connections, who came by with his wife and child. He works for the college now, but Farmington is at least as easy to reach from Northfield as from the Cities.

The Scottish Fair

… was great! colgaffneyis put on a great show, worked well with the other participants, and everybody had a good time. I must have worked hard, because I am already feeling muscle aches all over. Usually that does not happen until the next morning. Tired now. I may post more tomorrow, if I can move.

Busy Week

Out every evening ….

Monday — Irish Class

Tuesday — Loading colgaffneyis trailer, and a belated birthday dinner. See here

Wednesday — colgaffneyis Dance Guild. Also begin packing for the weekend.

Thursday — Set up colgaffneyis camp at the Minnesota Scottish Fair.

Friday — Go to the Fair. Dinner there and camping out for the night.

Saturday (All day) — The fair itself. The weather should be much better than last year.

Work and relaxation with friends

After I got home mia_mcdavid and I went to colgaffneyis work party to load our newly repaired trailer for the Farmington show this weekend. There were enough people, all in good spirits, so this went well. Just took a while because we had changed how we pack for shows, and twolodge had to rethink how to load the stuff. Since he will be towing the trailer with his truck, he gets to have it loaded just the way he wants :-)>

Afterwards c_nocturnum, her husband, Mia, James, and I went out to dinner at the Bulldog Restaurant a couple miles away. This was a delayed birthday dinner for me. Excellent beer, food, and company. I had a Kobe beef hamburgers (rare) and French fries with Parmesan cheese and truffles. First time I ever had Kobe beef, and it lived up to expectations. Kobe beef and truffles–I was reminded of a line from one of Poul Anderson’s SF stories about Dominic Flandry: “What is the point of living in a decadent age if you don’t know how to enjoy the decadence?”