Coping with the Cold

It has been cold here in Minnesota, and Monday will be even colder, with an expected high around -15oF/-26oC. All K-12 public schools will be closed, per an order from Governor Dayton this morning. So a lot of Minnesota parents are going to be stuck at home (even the zoo will be closed) with their kids. How to cope…..

At 3:25 PM The Four Firkins, a local specialty beer store, sent out an email which included:

It’s cold. School is closed on Monday. Will you be prepared for being locked in the house with the kids all day? Alaskan Brewing is to the rescue!

Hop°thermia is brewed using Amarillo, Citra, and Centennial hops to create a juicy citrus fantasy explosion of hopcellence. The malt base is nice and toasty, and balances perfectly to the hop aromatics. Being a double IPA, it weighs in at a very warming 8.5%.

While I do not have this particular scheduling problem, I do want to try the beer. It sounds quite interesting.

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