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A Taste of Latin

I really do not have much talent for foreign languages, but I find them fascinating. I studied German in High School and Russian in College. For some years now I have studying Irish. Last summer I took a short introduction to Ancient Babylonian. I have had a interest in Latin for a long time. So when I found on Facebook a notice for Vocatio ad cenamI decided to sign up.

There were three days of video lessons, entirely in Latin. Simplified Latin, but still Latin. We worked through Carmen XIII, by Catullus. The first day was with a very simplied version of the text, while on the second we had a version that was less simplified. One the third day we went through the original text. The class ended the next day with an interactive session to review the exercises and have some general discussion.

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Three less books

Sold via Amazon: The Medieval Soldier: 15th Century Campaign Life Recreated in Colour Photographs. Nice military history book with lots of photographs of reenactors. Having recently gotten involved in historical reenactment myself, I did not want to part with it. However the price I got ($62) is hard to argue with.

Earlier this week I sold my copy of Gardiner’s Egyptian Grammar for $45. From childhood, growing up near the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute, I have been fascinated by Ancient Egypt and the surrounding regions. However, I have way too many interests, and know now I have to make some choices about how far to follow each of them.

Likewise Sneddon’s The Use of Integral Transforms ($25). This is a textbook on advanced applied mathematics, and so closer to my formal studies. However, I have several other books that cover similar subjects, none of which will fetch me anything worthwhile on the used market (I have checked). So I am keeping those instead.

That’s $132 for the week. Not bad, if you don’t place a value on giving up dreams.