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A great collection of stories

The First Heroes

The First Heroes: New
Tales of the Bronze Age
. The stories are a mix of Historical Fiction, SF, Fantasy, and one of Altenate History. Fantasy comes
from the myths of the era being incorporated in several of the stories. The Greek world is well represented, but China, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Egypt, Northern Europe and even Peru appear. Continue reading

Writing history

I have been reading The Sea Peoples, another book about the widespread destruction at the end of the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean. From page 173:

There is a dangerous temptation to link destruction levels together in the interests of tidiness and economy, but history is seldom tidy or notably economical, however it may be with philosophy. This is one of the reasons why history should not be written by philosophers or sociologists.

From Bronze to Iron

The Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean region ended suddenly and violently about 1200 B.C. The Hittite Empire and the Mycenaean Greek Civilization were destroyed. Most of the cities in Syria and Palestine were destroyed. Egypt was attacked and permanently weakened. The region entered a dark age that lasted for centuries.

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Life in Late Bronze Age Greece

Notes on Mycenaeans,
by Rodney Castleden

I have been interested in the Greek Bronze Age ever since I read Joseph Alsop’s
the Silent Earth
back in High School (1964-1968). Mycenaeans
is a very readable and recent survey (2005) and I was quite interested in seeing what is new. Quick summary: Some more sites
have been excavated, there have been more digs at known sites, and more Linear B tablets have been
found and translated. So there are Lots of new details, but no revolutionary changes in what archeologists think and the big questions
remain unanswered.

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