Three less books

Sold via Amazon: The Medieval Soldier: 15th Century Campaign Life Recreated in Colour Photographs. Nice military history book with lots of photographs of reenactors. Having recently gotten involved in historical reenactment myself, I did not want to part with it. However the price I got ($62) is hard to argue with.

Earlier this week I sold my copy of Gardiner’s Egyptian Grammar for $45. From childhood, growing up near the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute, I have been fascinated by Ancient Egypt and the surrounding regions. However, I have way too many interests, and know now I have to make some choices about how far to follow each of them.

Likewise Sneddon’s The Use of Integral Transforms ($25). This is a textbook on advanced applied mathematics, and so closer to my formal studies. However, I have several other books that cover similar subjects, none of which will fetch me anything worthwhile on the used market (I have checked). So I am keeping those instead.

That’s $132 for the week. Not bad, if you don’t place a value on giving up dreams.

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