This past weekend

The past few days have been busy. Not much time to stop and reflect on what was going on.

Thursday night I went to the monthly meeting of colgaffneyis sword guild at Corcoran Community Center in South Minneapolis. I was the only one who showed, and left after waiting about 1/2 hour. However, the trip was not in vain. colgaffneyis Winter Muster was scheduled for the same place on Saturday, but, as I discovered, the Community Center staff had forgotten to list us in their schedule, and somebody else had booked the room. I immediately phoned mia_mcdavid, so that she and the other staff could determine what other arrangements could be made, or whether we would have to cancel the event.

Friday was St. Patrick’s Day, which I had scheduled as a vacation day. We went to St. Paul’s Landmark Center, the same place as the Irish Dance Festival which had been to the previous weekend. The event was similar, but there was more going on and it was more crowded. I was not surprised to find the bar area considerably enlarged. I saw a familiar face at the table of Gaeltacht Minnesota, the local Irish language organization. She had been the instructor at the 1/2 day Irish workshop I had attended in the Fall. I said hello, introduced Mia, and told her I had signed up for the full-day workshop next month. She (the instructor) was pleased. More on that another time.

We had to leave about 1:30–James had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. That was really OK. The St. Patrick’s day parade had just ended and the crowd was pouring in. As in Chicago, the day attracts politicians and their supporters. On our way out, Mia brushed the shoulder of Mark Kennedy (Republican Senatorial Candidate) as we left, paying him no attention.

While Mia took James to the doctor I stayed home with Tom. He was going to spend the weekend at a respite camp in Eden Prairie, so I thought he had to have a little extra time with a parent. Later I drove him to the camp, which was uneventul, getting back home around 7:30. We had talked about going out in the evening, though I was reluctant to face the crowds. What settled the matter was that after considerable fuss colgaffneyis muster was going to take place on Saturday: A work-around had been found for the scheduling mishap.

As mia_mcdavid has written, muster went quite well for us. Afterwards we went home. That evening Mia went to a party in Minneapolis. I did not feel enthusiastic about this event so I stayed home, doing some chores and making sure James got through his evening routine. I was asleep long before Mia got home.

I did get to Church on Sunday morning, while Mia and James stayed home. Not one of the best days of the parish. It has financial problems and is not handling them well–this came out in the course of the service. I am still glad I went, but I will spare you any discussion of the objective value of worship.

I suppose I could still have gone to the Saturday night party and made it to Church the next morning. However, what I have subsequently heard indicates that my misgivings about that particular gathering were well founded.

colgaffneyis called us out again Sunday afternoon, this time for dancing. It was a charity event for a young boy who is fighting cancer. We did several of regular our dances, and a variant with a humorous skit. It was the firsttime we had done that bit for the public and it went over very well.

Mia wore the blue Shinrone gown she had made, over a very full-sleeved Irish leiné. She wore a lace collar around her shoulders. The effect was absoluting stunning–completely dominating everything the other women were wearing. Of course, I cannot claim to be an unbiased observer…..

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