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Technologies New and Old

After I got home tonight I did a little work for my employer. Nothing terribly difficult–just a system test that could not be done in normal business hours.

Meanwhile, using another computer (my own, not my employer’s) I tried to check e-mail. Unfortunately, it failed to boot. Looks like a hard-disk problem. I will try a file-system repair (this is a Linux box) from a rescue CD tomorrow night. I have a recent backup of my data, so I am not really worried even if that fails. I have another hard disk I can put in the machine and reinstall everything (I am writing this on yet another machine).

I did not do anything about that tonight because mia_mcdavid needed help with her new loom. I made a raddle, a gadget to aid her in the process of warping. This appears to be working quite well, so I have accomplished something. The computer will keep until tomorrow.

A day off

….because of the Presidents’ Day Observance. I accomplished the first and foremost objective of any day off: Sleeping in. During the rest of the morning I helped mia_mcdavid with the process of “warping” her loom, for the Ulster tartan plaid she is weaving for me. Not difficult work, but it took a while. I am never going to be able to listen to Captain Kirk talk about “warp speed” in quite the same way again.

In the early afternoon the three of us ran a couple errands, then went for a two mile walk along Snelling Avenue. Bookstores at both ends gave this some additional definition and motivation, although I did not buy anything.

Over the course of the three day weekend I have done some organization of historical research materials that I had scattered about the house. They will be much more useful now, and in fact going through them I noticed a couple more references that are relevant to an ongoing discussion in colgaffneyis.