Monday night Irish Class, July 9, 2018

Irish Class, July 9, 2018

Rang Gaeilge, 9ú lá Mí na Iúil 2017


Fadas: áéíóúÁÉÍÓÚ



You have a hiccup from a sandwich you did not eat.

Thig came var p of tar
Thig sé gan iarraidh mar a thig an do-aimsir. “He came/comes without asking, like
bad weather came/comes.”
Literally this is in the past tense, but can be used as present
Tá snag an cheapire nár ith tú ort. “your meddling has created a problem that really wasn’t there before you created it.”
sop in áit na scuaibe a wisp in place of a broom “a token effort”
idir chraiceann agus chnámha both skin and boes “warts and all.”
idir =”both” since both nouns are lenited

Na Déithe Luachmhara Deiridh

le Padraic Breathnach

  • <!–


    M rose early, as early in any winter morning that is a very cold occasion. She was thinking the white snow cloak would be
    on her native land because of the appearance of the gray-green sky yesterday night; an odd occasional flake falling about
    the time she lay down

    Barefooted she watched the shady spacious land through a small window of her room, only the start of the morning
    [without dawn yet there]. There
    was certainly a fine excess of snow.

    Every place is something, except for the big lake, covered white. Marsh, bog, cutaway bog,
    and lake banks at the edge of the water cloaked so that there were only two colors at this time: white and gray-green.

    The gray-green lake was looking like a sick tub, it didn’t matter to M, quietly without chopping on the ridge.
    Unlike many other winter mornings there was no murmuring at all of the wind on the back gable of the house

    M was glad of the white scene.

    Maidin Chinn an Dá Lá Dhéag Morning ___ the 12th day
    ar bith eile any other
    bíodh used to be p hab
    uain occasion; opportunity
    brat bán sneachta white snow cloak
    dúiche native land, home country
    ceapadh fashioning, composition, thinking
    arae for, because, however
    cosúlacht Likeness; appearance, resemblance
    oíche aréir last night
    calóg flake f
    mion- small
    corr- odd, occasional
    togair Desire, choose, attempt
    luí lying down, state of rest
    cosnochta barefooted
    fair watch
    scáil shadow, shade f
    scóipiúil Wide, spacious, sweeping
    maidneachan dawning, dawn
    Bhí deimhin barr breá sneachta There was a really good excess of snow
    Chuile áit is ní every place is something
    Cé is moite de Except for
    clúdaithe covered
    eanach marsh, swamp gs,npl eanaigh
    portach bog gs,npl portaigh
    athpholl cutaway bg gs,npl athphoill
    bruach bank [of river, lake] m npl bruacha
    loch lake m gs locha
    imeall edge, border
    sa chaoi is go so that
    Faoin am seo
    dabhach vat, tub
    easlán sick, infirm
    níor mhiste le Máire it didn’t matter for M
    gan friota without chopping
    dromchla Top, ridge, crest
    ionann like, same
    Murab ionann is go leor maidineacha Unlike many mornings
    geonaíl droning, murmuring
    le binn thiar an tí against the gable back of the house /
    against the cliff west of the house/
    against the west side of the house
    gliondar Gladness, joyousness, mirthfulness

  • <!–


    She was thus unchanged from when she was a
    young girl. She was longin for the snow every winter — a heavy thick cloak of snow. Snow about Christmas was as
    ordained by God. The snow made her homeland beautiful. A season of quiet snow was a silent, blessed, tranquil feeling
    and the time was easy for a conversation with the Creator. A panegyric to God in glory, she said in her mind.

    Dug out the embers and light the peat fire, putting two bricks lying below together and a small fragment standing
    as a prop of each of the brickss. She put back the embers in the middle and the sods outside of them. A kettle was hanging
    above and she went to her knees to say a Paternoster, her back to the fire.

    amhlaidh thus, so
    athrú change, alteration
    girseach young girl
    tnúthán (Act of) expecting, desiring, longing; expectancy, yearning le sneachta “longing for snow”
    trom heavy
    tiubh thick
    ordaigh order, prescribe, command, ordain
    dúiche Native land, native place; home country na[?] gs ?
    ciúin Calm, silent, still
    tost silence
    beannaithe blessed, holy
    suaimhneach Peaceful, tranquil; easy, quiet
    brath Perception, feeling
    éasca moon; Swift, nimble; free, fluent, easy; ready, prompt
    cruthaitheoir creator
    adhmholadh Eulogy, panegyric
    glóir glory f gs glóire [why?]
    intinn mind
    tochail dig, excavate
    gríosach Hot ashes, embers
    las light v (e.g. fire)
    móin Turf, peat f gs móna
    fód sod m gs npl fóid
    luí Lying down
    caorán Fragment, small sod, of turf; moor m
    taca prop, support
    caon = gach aon
    croch hang v
    túlán kettle
    glúin knee f gs npl glúine
    paidir Paternoster f pl paidreacha
    droim back m
  • <!–


    After eating a scrap and drinking a squirt of tea she would go out in the blessed morning and she would
    release the dog and the chickens. There was not much there for the chickens, but it was better they were gathering
    food anyway. And she would allow the healthy fresh air to work work gently on her face and lungs.

    Plops of fell on the ground and herself from about as soon as she she opened the door. Wrens were swaying
    uncertainly on the eaves. Little things birds. Pretty little things. A hundred healths on St. Stephen’s day!

    In the east the moist black-speckled clay at the base of the coniferous trees were like the shade of a wood
    on the house were blackbirds and robins foraging with their beaks. Bright/pale yellow beak. And little robin.

    théis = tar éis after
    ruainne [a] hair, fiber, scrap
    scaird squirt, jet, gush
    gabh go; take, take hold of
    scaoil Loose(n), release, discharge; Undo, untie, unfasten
    b’fhearr it was better
    fáiteall (act of) hunting, foraging, food-gathering
    ar chaoi ar bith anyway
    lig Let, allow, permit
    aer úr fresh air
    folláin Healthy; wholesome, sound
    tlás Weakness, feebleness; Mildness, gentleness.
    éadan front, face
    scamhóg lung f npl scamhóga
    plab plop, splash m npl plabanna
    a luaithe as soon as
    dreoilín wren m
    máinneáil swaying
    éiginnte Uncertain, undetermined; indefinite, vague; undecided
    bunsop eaves, lower layer of thatch
    fríd Flesh-worm, mite; little thing
    gleoite Neat, pretty; lovely, charming, delightful
    céad first, hundred
    thoir in the east
    cré Clay; earth, dust f
    tais damp, moist
    breac speckled
    buaircíneach coniferous
    doire oak; Wood, grove, thicket
    foscadh shade, shadow
    lon dubh blackbird
    spideog robin
    preab start, spring, jump
    fáiteall (Act of) hunting, foraging, food-gathering
    gob beak, bill
    gealbhuí bright yellow, pale yellow
    lon dubh blackbird
    broinn = broinne breast, bosom; womb
  • <!–


    Gladness was put in M’s heart. A red-breasted [robin] as glad as snow. A good sign. A red-breasted [robin] was at
    the base of the cross when Jesus was crucified and it was blessed showy on Christmas cards.

    M walked around the house, ready to put her two feet, plu plu, on the smooth white board. A path. A fine cap of snow
    on the roof of the house, at the highest point of the granite walls. Snow on the wet bog, on the rising gound, on the
    hillsides. The hills in the distance [they] were white. Everything white.

    Without perceptible movement in the part[??] unless the little wild animals would be difficult to see.
    [They] would leave ready claws. Mice, sheep, otters. The sheep collected int the small sheep-fold yesterday evening,
    however many there were. It was a small number now. Really!

    áthas joy, gladness m
    ríméadach Glad; jubilant, proud
    comhartha sign, mark, symbol m
    cros cross f gs crois
    Íosa Jesis
    déanadh var past aut?
    céas crucify céasadh looks like past hab
    taibhseach Showy, flamboyant; ostentatious; pretentious
    rianta Marked out; prepared, ready; Completed, settled; accomplished
    rian course, path m pl rianta
    cur sowing, planting; burial; setting; course, round
    plu plu ?
    clár board; flat surface
    cosán path
    díon roof, protection
    mullach Highest point, summit m
    balla wall m
    eibhear granite m gs eibhir
    corrach wet bog, marsh
    leargán rising ground ???
    leitir hillside f pl leitreacha
    sliabh mountain m gs sléibhe
    i gcéin in the distance
    bhíodar they were [why? – cannot figure out the sentence]
    ceo fog, mist, haze
    Chuile cheo everything
    corraí Movement; stir, excitement
    aireachtáil perception f
    sna bólaí locality
    fiáin wild
    rianta Marked out; prepared, ready; Completed, settled; accomplished
    rian course, path m pl rianta
    crúb claw, hoof
    luchóg mouse f
    caora sheep f pl caoirigh
    madra uisce otter
    bailigh collect, gather va bailithe
    cróitín small sheep fold,
    pé méid acu a bhí ann however many there were
    líon number [here]
    maisce Indeed! Really!



Notaí Scéil
Lá amháin thug mé pláitíní ag an gCrois Dhearg i lár Minneapolis
Bhí mé ag déanamh seo le blianta fada
Tá sé cosúil le fuil a thabhairt. Tá snáthaid mór sa lámh
bíonn sé i bhfad níos faide, thart ar thrí uair an chloig
Deir gach duine ann go bhfuil mé ina laoch
Níl mo smaointe chomh ard
Is féidir liom a dhéanamh go maith nuair atá mé ag luí
tugann siad T-léine dom uaireannta
Fuair mé an cnaipe seo
Línte go leor air
líne amháin do gach bliain idir ocht gcinn déag caoga (ar bharr) agus dhá mhíle seacht déag (ar an mbun)
Línte gorm nuair a bhí teocht an domhain faoi an mheáin
Línte dearga nuair a bhí teocht an domhain os cionn an mheáin
Fuair mé an t-léine seo ar an idirlíon
Tá an sainmhíniú sa bhfoclóir
Rud amháim: Ní chaithfidh mé na rudaí seo nuair a bheidh Ed Morrisey sa seomra.
Dinnéar ar Lá Neamhspleáchais
Bhí mé ag smaoineamh ar an nuacht brónach polaitiúil
Rinne mé bia Mheicsiceo. Enchiladas. Bhí siad an-bhlasta
Chuaigh muid trathnóna amhain go dtí Cór Beorach i bPáirc Como
Tá leabhar iomann acu. /ummunn/
an mhí seo chugainn i Pairc Loring
I bPáirc Como arís i Meán Fómhair
Bhí beoir maith ann freisin
Níl Páirc Como i bhfad ónár teach,
Níl fadhb mhór ag tiomáint sa bhaile



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