Monthly Archives: December 2008

More Linux at home

As mia_mcdavid commented, I did a lot of work on one of my Linux systems last night. As I wrote last week, I had rebuilt one of my Linux systems with Ubuntu, a derivative of the Debian distribution.

mdlbear at the time suggested that I try native Debian rather than Ubuntu. After a couple frustrating evenings trying to get Ubuntu system exactly the way I wanted I decided to take his advice. He was right.

Ubuntu installed!

I have installed Xubuntu on Antrim, one of my P III systems (I tend to use trailing edge hardware when it comes out of my own budget). The problems I had earlier this evening were due to bad CD’s. I burnt a fresh CD from my ISO download, after throttling back the CD burner to a slower speed. This one worked and I got a clean install. I am posting from it here and now.

Lots of configuration still ahead. I will work on that tomorrow between tasks from my day job.

Sweet Home Chicago

haddayr, following an e-mail from smuzikant, linked to this story from our hometown:

Prosecutor: G-Rod’s actions would make ‘Lincoln roll over in his grave’

The details are in a 76 page Federal indictment. The Cliff’s Notes are at

The 18 F-Bombs of the Blagojevich Affadavit.

It should be noted that Blagojevich appears to be a good family man :-)>

Rod Blagojevich’s Wife Appears Just as Corrupt in Affadavit.