Friday at Convergence – I

This morning, by mutual agreement, we took J home, while he was quite good-natured about things, he was not really getting and doing things at the Con. He was just staying in our hotel room on the computer, which we all agreed he could do just as well at home. Besides, this way we got privacy at the hotel.

After that we went to see Tom. We took him to our favorite ice cream place in the area. Because of his casein (milk protein) allergy Tom cannot have ice cream, but sorbet is just fine. I ordered a celery with star anise sorbet. To our considerable amusement Tom preferred that to the orange and mango sorbets we had also ordered. The lad has a palate!

After that we went back to the con. mia_mcdavid took a nap. I did some shopping in the dealers’ room, then went to hear excellent concerts by Graham Leathers (musicmutt) and by Riverfolk (chirosinger and chasophonic).

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