Big Island Historical Faire

As I wrote on Friday, we were in Albert Lea (south edge of Minnesota) for the weekend at the Big Island Historical Faire. This is an off-season publicity and fund raising event for the October rendezvous, our biggest event with colgaffneyis.

This Faire, unlike the Rendezvous, is strictly an indoor event–no camping. Just as well this time. Saturday and this morning the weather was particularly vicious, with daytime high temperatures below zero (Fahrenheit) and high winds. Albert Lea is in the plains country of southern Minnesota, so the west wind blows from the Rockies without a significant obstacle. Wind chills were well into double digit negatives (Fahrenheit and Celsius).

However, we had a pleasant hotel room close to the mall where the event was being held, and our car (unlike bullettheblue‘s) started when we when we needed it to, so we managed quite well. We did our demos inside the mall where the event was being held. I left most of my woodworking kit behind, and concentrated on leather work. What this means is that the event was an excuse for me to sit around and catch up on various simple-minded, but tedious, projects that I had been putting off for months. The only catch was that I had to talk to any member of the public who stopped by, but I was able to handle this.

It was good to be out and doing things with colgaffneyis. Last night we had a birthday party for mairi2, at which I drank too much of the scotch contributed by c_nocturnum‘s husband. Fortunately, all we had to do afterwards was stagger walk down the hall to our own room.

I actually sold one of my own craft products today–a small leather pouch. I had a few of these on display, and a little boy, about age eight came over and was staring at those pouches. He obviously wanted one. He had a couple dollar bills in his hand, so I asked if he wanted to buy one. So I sold one for two dollars. Similar pouches around the hall were selling for twice that or more, and the kid was obviously wanting to buy something for his $2, so I feel pretty good about this.

Besides, I feel pretty confident about my work. I used some flexible, but tough leather, for this. My workmanship was simple, but absolutely solid. That pouch may outlast me on this planet.

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