Friday morning with Tom was a little difficult, but eventually we decided he needed an outing and there were things we wanted to do, so mia_mcdavid, Tom, and I got in the car and braved the snow. Mia and I had each been out once already to shovel the driveway. And I do mean shovel; no Toros in our house (or garage).

I was looking for writing supplies, traditional and modern:

  1. First stop was an art supply store near Rosedale Mall. I wanted some blue ink for my fountain pens. The usual office supply stores only carry black. No problem here though, I bought three bottles.
  2. Then we went about 1/4 mile north to CompUSA. I was looking for a USB cable to connect my Nokia tablet computer to larger machines. I got one with the unit, but I wanted a 2nd one that I could leave at my work computer as well. After finding out where the store was keeping cables these days I quickly found the item I sought.

Then we went to Gerten’s, a large garden supply store in the southeast suburbs. The traffic interchange there is rather unusual, and dealing with it in the snow and sub-par visibility was not fun. Our quest was for Christmas lights at post-holiday prices. Alas, there was nothing we would want on our trees.

Then home through the snow, and another round of shoveling when we got there. An aide for Tom arrived about the same time, so we could rest and attend to other duties. Chief amoung these was preparing for Tom’s birthday party that evening. Meanwhile the aide took Tom to see Harry Potter.

The party was a great success. Dinner was spaghetti (rice spaghetti for Tom, since he is allergic to gluten) with an Italian sausage red sauce, followed by a gluten-free cake Mia had prepared. He loved it, and the presents he got. In fact he had such a good time that he stayed awake past midnight, to our considerable discomfort. Normally he goes to bed between 7 and 8 PM.

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