Through Thursday ….

Tuesday —

Great time at colgaffneyis dance guild. rhymeswithghoti and botanicavix both turned up after being away for several weeks. Very much a celebration–one of our members had a new job.

Then we went home and immediately was sick. Upset stomach, throwing up…. Don’t really know why. Afterwards I was a long time getting to sleep.

Wednesday —

Slept in, recovering from the previous evening. Afterwards went to work. During the day got a call from mia_mcdavid: Tom had broken a hole in the front deck–the walkway that leads to our front door. Apparently the wood had rotted through–Tom is heavy, but not that heavy.

So on the way home I went to Home Depot and got a replacement board. After getting home I cut away the jagged edges of the broken board and figured out how to support a patch–this was in the dark. I was able to get the patch in just before dinner was ready. Not perfect, but it will hold until summer, when I can trim it better. Or perhaps replace more of the deck–the adjacent boards are also rotting in parts.

No electrons were abused in this work; I did it all with hand tools.

After dinner a different sort of home maintenance: Trying once again to install a wireless router. It worked, but I did not have the time to configure all the household computers. Will need to work on that more later, or (hopefully) find a way to change the router settings.

I also discovered that my rebuild of James’s laptop was not complete. The Windows reinstall went fine, and I can plug it into the home LAN. However, the wireless access icon is not present. I have to find out what happened and get it back. This may involve reinstalling a driver.

Thursday I did some Googling for Windows XP and wireless. Found some more or less official Microsoft information which should be helpful. Also found an account from another poor soul who went through a similar process. I am now at step 15. My experience of 1-14 was somewhat different, but had its own frustrations and cursing.

I did make it to the health club Thursday evening. So far I am managing to keep up a pace of three workouts a week.

Thursday was my last working day of the week, and of 2005 A.D., Friday being a vacation day. I wrapped up my various year end obligations to the County that day.

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