Saturday Morning

After his excesses last night Tom let us sleep in, and we got up before he did. I enjoyed watching The Woodwright’s Shop, which, as always, was interesting and informative. Not just about traditional woodworking, but also the societies it was performed in. Today it was about two of Thomas Jefferson’s woodworkers. One free, one slave, both extremely talented.

After that Mia wanted to play Tom’s new video game. This has been the most spectacular success of Tom’s Christmas presents, so I warned her that hearing it might wake him. Mia then turned the volume way down, but it did not work. She got in about three minutes of play before Tom woke up, and, of course, he wanted to play immediately.

However, being well rested and having his favorite game, as well as a breakfast, Tom was relatively easy to manage until the aide came. At the time I went to the Health Club for a work out, while Mia took a nap.

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