End of Christmas Holiday

I did get to the health club, and had a good workout So my early morning objectives for the day were met by 4 PM.

The aide did come, so Mia and I had some time together after I left the health club. We decided to find a store in SE Minneapolis that might be able to repair some tents for colgaffneyis. We had an address, but that was just the beginning. The store is an industrial park area, where most of the streets are blocked by railroad tracks and grain elevators. That was OK–we were in no hurry and we like to explore obscure urban areas. When we finally found the store, it turned out to be closed. Still OK–after all that exploring we had been able to work out a reasonably fast and direct route for the next trip. My first description was terminally geeky. It begins “Go west on University. When you get to General Nanosystems, turn right”.

After that we did some shopping up in Shoreview–some necessities, some fun stuff, and then went home.

This evening we made enchiladas out of the leftover venison from Christmas dinner. I never heard of venison enchiladas before, but these were really good. By heroic efforts we were able to restrain ourselves from finishing the entire platter, so one of us will get a lunch out of the leftovers from this meal.

Back to work tomorrow for me. But I cannot complain. It was a good Christmas weekend.

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