Firefox problem with Ubuntu

Following up on Jammy Jellyfish and System Updates I have been using Tyrone, my newer Ubuntu 22.04 system, for my daily work. In doing so I found an issue with Firefox: The “Save page as” “Print/Save to PDF” commands were not working on that machine under Ubuntu. I tried various Firefox troubleshooting options, but they did not help. The commands work fine with Firefox under Windows, and also with Firefox under Ubuntu 22.04 on another system (Donegal), which, however is an upgrade from 20.04 rather than a clean install. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox

    sudo snap  remove firefox
    sudo snap  install  firefox

without success. Note that with 22.04 Firefox is a snap rather than a deb install from the repository. This change by Canonical has been controversial. Some users have replaced the snap by a deb file directly from Mozilla, which, however, might introduce other problems.

Some more searching brought me to Firefox Snap Ubuntu 22.04 : “Save as” not working and from there to no file save dialog for snap applications. The fix is

sudo apt install xdg-desktop-portal xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

Those files were not included in the Ubuntu 22.04 installation process. I did have them in 22.04 on Donegal, which was an upgrade from 20.04. They may have been added by the upgrade process, or in the process of installing another snap on that system.

I have, of course, added this fix to my Linux Configuration Notes.

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