Weekend Notes

Last October, through failure to close it properly, our S-Cargo automobile rooftop carrier got permanently warped. Fortunately, we did not lose any of the contents. Thursday night I stopped at a church garage sale and saw the same model on sale for $15. I mentioned it to mia_mcdavid and she picked it up when the sale reopened the next morning. It is in better shape than our old one ever was. The old one is now in the garbage, after a little time with the circular saw to get it into pieces that will fit.

mia_mcdavid also found a modern camping tent for $100. We put it up as an experiment this evening. It is vastly easier to set up, and packs away much smaller than the wood poles and canvas that we use with colgaffneyis.

I had to stay late downtown Friday night, to work on the database part of a software install. There was a complication, and I had to stay until after 6:30 to be sure everything was working. Then I took the train south to Lake Street and transferred to a bus to get to Merlins’ Rest, for colgaffneyis Night at the Pub. It was pleasant enough, but I was not feeling very sociable. When we got home I learned that carpe_noctum_93, our foster daughter, was having trouble with her computer, but I was able to postpone working on it until the next morning.

In fact, after a good night’s sleep, it proved to be quite straightforward. The computer runs Windows XP. I had followed standard Unix/Linux practice and set up carpe_noctum_93‘s login so it did not have administrator privileges. mia_mcdavid was trying to install some software for her, but could not find the password for the “administrator” account. Neither could I, but I did remember that I had set up another account with administrator rights on that machine. Feeling like Gandalf at the West Gate of Moria, I worked through various login and password combinations and eventually found the right one. Perhaps I should use mellon as a password :-)> (Yes, I know, much too weak and obvious). The computer was ready before 10 AM, long before mia_mcdavid and carpe_noctum_93 got home from their excursion to a Farmers’ Market,

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