From a computer class

I spend the last three days at an excellent class on SQL Server 2005 (Microsoft’s latest and greatest database system). I am not an enthusiastic M’soft fan, but it is what we use at work, and I have enough battles to fight there already.

Anyway, a couple side notes: One of the good things about this kind of class is that you meet people from other shops, who have different experiences. The guy seated next to me told us that they no longer say “outsourcing”; they say “best shoring”. Also, India is no longer the “best shore”….seems that IT wages have gone up there and that other countries, e.g. Argentina, now have cheaper labor in the field.

Another thing: As is usual at such things, at the end of the class we were all asked to fill out a course evaluation. One of the questions there was how long you had been in the field. It was multiple choice, with the highest value being 10 years or more. I have been in IT jobs for over 30 years now.

I enjoyed the scripting exercises in the class labs. My present job does not have me writing nearly as much code as I used to, and I realized today that I missed it.

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