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About Bank Transfer Day….

Big Banks and Small Customers

You do not hurt large banks by withdrawing your own (small) accounts. Really. On the contrary, you’re doing them a huge favor, and making them more efficient and more profitable.

More details at Why Bank Transfer Day actually helped banks.

This is consistent with what I learned in the 18 years I was employed by large banks.

The Long Divergence

The Crescent and the company

IN 2002 a group of Arab scholars produced a brave report, under the auspices of the United Nations, on the Arab world’s twin deficits, in freedom and knowledge. A salutary debate ensued. Now Timur Kuran, a Turkish-American economist based at Duke University, has written an equally brave book on “how Islamic law held back the Middle East”. One can only hope that the result will be an equally salutary debate.