Chicago again

Mia (my wife) and I spent last weekend in Chicago for the Capricon, another science fiction convention that has been part of our life for decades. This year the convention was downtown, at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. Our room was on north side of the 28th floor and the view from our window was magnificent by night and day:

Night view Day view

Two of our friends had a room on the west side of the hotel. They were not so happy with their view. The Trump Tower was very prominent.

On Friday afternoon I took a walk in downtown Chicago, where I worked for many years. I walked by the First National Bank building. First National was my first employer (1977-79) after graduate school. Then I went by the Xerox Center, where I had a very nice space when I worked for I.P. Sharp Associates (1981-1983). After that I went by the main building of the Harris Bank (now BMO/Harris), where I worked for most of those years (1980-1981 and 1983-1988).

Then I stopped for a beer at the Adams Street Brewery, which used to be the Berghoff Bar. It and the restaurant still have the fine old decor. Much has changed in downtown Chicago since my day, but a lot of the old places are still around.

Adams Street Brewery

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