Vector and Matrix Algebra Tutorial

Vector and Matrix Algebra is a short tutorial from Complexity Explorer. It is really quite elementary. I took a formal course in Linear Algebra long ago, and have reviewed the basics a couple times since then. I wanted to see if I still understand those basics. The answer is that I do: I had no trouble at all with the material.

The tutorial is rather fast paced. The stated prerequisite of only “High-School Algebra” while technically true, in practice may be something of a stretch. You will need to be reasonably fluent in those high school algebraic manipulations, and to be comfortable with mathematical lectures. It does help that if you are having trouble following something you can always pause the video and work through a point with pencil and paper. As with any class in a mathematical subject you have to do the exercises. However, the tutorial is free, so you have nothing to lose taking it.

There were no printed lecture notes, which was a small disappointment. However, there are lots of books on the subject and many free pdf tutorials on the internet, so you can find something to keep as an ongoing reference.

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