A little backyard astronomy

Yesterday at the Daily Astronomy Log with Mike Brown I read:

Tonight, if your clouds part enough in the evening to reveal the just-set sun – very nearly as far south as it will ever get – you should also get to see a tiny sliver of a new moon hanging like an ornament above it in the not-yet-dark skies. This sliver moon is, to my mind, one of the most impressive sights to periodically grace our skies. To me, the ethereal part is not the sliver itself, looking like a razor sharp sickle glowing in the sky, but the ghostly outline of the rest of the moon that can be faintly seen.

After reading that I sighed. Living in an inner ring suburb I do not expect to see many of the astronomical phenomena I read about.

When I got home, mia_mcdavid and carpe_noctum_93 were preparing dinner. I helped out by carrying the vegetable scraps out to the compost bin in the backyard. I looked up and there it was: The sliver moon. I pulled out my Blackberry and after some fumbling (it was cold: 10oF/-12oC) was able to get a picture of the southwest sky:

Zooming in:

Of course it is blurred:

  • I had no tripod.
  • I was shivering.
  • I took this with a Blackberry, not a dedicated camera (However, someone once said that the best camera is the one you have when the picture appears).

Not much of a picture, but the effort was minimal.

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