Monday Night Irish Class, November 29, 2010

Irish Class, November 29, 2010

Rang Gaeilge, 29ú lá Mí na Samhna 2010


Fadas: áéíóúÁÉÍÓÚ


This was an all-class session, filled with quizzes and games. Not much formal instruction.

One of the quiz answers:

Ní itheann sí go minic, sin é a fáth go bhfuil sí tanaí.

struck close to home.

B’fhéirdir go bhfuil Perhaps
B’fhéirdir nach bhfuil Perhaps not
gaol relative, relationship m1 pl gaolta
gaolmhar related, cognate a1
beir bear, give birth to, win, bring, take, catch vn breith
béar bear m1 (the animal) dim. béirin

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