Facebook Will Keep on Invading Your Privacy

Why Facebook is selling you out — and won’t stop

All in all, the Facebook ecosystem could generate $1 billion this year. You think that the Boy Billionaire [Mark Zuckerberg] is going to mess that up by worrying about your privacy? No way. So the privacy breaches will continue, no matter how shocked the company says it is. And anything you do or post on Facebook, regardless of its privacy settings and policies, will be fair game.

The great thing about capitalism is that it gives consumers lots of choices. If you don’t like what Facebook is doing with your data, don’t give it up. Maybe there’s another service to use, or maybe you could simply give your friends — the real ones, that is — a call now and then. If staying on Facebook is important to you, and it certainly has its uses, you’d better face the fact that Zuckerberg’s profits take precedence over your privacy.


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