Holiday weekend so far

Thanksgiving worked out well, at least by how we reckon things. As we have done for many years, we did the turkey on the Weber on the back porch. This meant

  1. The kitchen oven did not overheat the house
  2. The bird got cooked faster
  3. I had another chance to get in touch with my inner pyro

In fact (3) went so well that (2) was accomplished in record time.

The big thing about major holiday meals is that we bring our younger, seriously autistic son Tom here from his group home. This seriously raises the tension in the house. Keeping him happy and out of trouble is close to a full time job for one adult. I am always on my guard around him and never fully relax. I was exhausted at the end of the day. I am thankful that I don’t have to be like that all the time, as we did for about 15 years.

mia_mcdavid left on a trip this morning. She is in Chicagoland tonight, and going on to visit her family in Michigan tomorrow. This left me with the Thanksgiving cleanup, which is done now. I stripped all of the meat from the bones. Most is now in the freezer. There is some leftover turkey and dressing in the fridge for me in the next couple days. The bones have been broken down and frozen as well; mia_mcdavid will use them for soup stock some time soon after she gets back.

I did a little shopping today. Most of it was mundane groceries: Stuff (e.g. milk and shampoo) that is not part of Thanksgiving leftovers. In the evening I went to the local Barnes & Noble and bought a few books, actually including one Christmas present.

I also finished repairing one of colgaffneyis tool boxes. We will get that back to the organization’s garage sometime this winter. In the evening I made some alterations on a winter coat so it will fit better.

Much of this I did while watching 300 on television. I had not seen it before and was curious. It reminded me of Braveheart — Butchered history and ridiculous costumes (but on a much lower budget). The Persian army looked like that of Mordor from LOTR, complete with monsters. The Immortals looked like orcs. Also, body armor had been known in Greece for nearly 1000 years: The real Spartan army did not go into battle wearing just cloaks, helmets and jock straps. From my youthful visits to Oriental Institute I am also sure I could have done a much better job of dressing King Xerxes. I have now added rereading Herodotus to my already too long list of things to do.

However, like Braveheart, the movie does point to heroism in the face of overwhelming odds. That part is true. On balance, I liked the movie.

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