Busy weekend

My job requires some weekend work. I had two separate projects to work on this weekend. Both were complicated, requiring coordination with several co-workers

Saturday’s failed, though not because of anything I did. In fact, I was able to do more than was in the plan, just by being prepared. Other parts of the process failed.

Sunday’s was a complete success. I did not have a lot to do with it today: Just verify that everything worked after the other guys did their parts. However, I had been heavily involved in the planning, unlike for Saturday, and that paid off.

I racked (transferred to a secondary fermenter) the peach ginger mead. mia_mcdavid and I tasted some of it: It is promising.

A lot of time this weekend was spent in the shop. I added some more shelves and ceiling hooks for storage. The local entropy is much reduced.

I worked some more on sharpening my tools. My hand-cranked grinder has a wobble that I cannot remove, but I figured out how to use my cheap electric grinder without overheating the tools.

I realized that one of my coarse whetstones was badly “dished”—hollowed in the middle from sharpening before, so I needed to make it flat again. There are expensive stones you can buy for this. What I did was to sit on the front steps and rub the stone against the concrete, occasionally lubricating with water. Seemed to work, though I pulled a hip muscle in the process.

Saturday evening we went to dinner with our autistic son Tom at the Highland Grill. This worked out very well. We have taken him to lunch there many times before and never had a problem. They know us by now. They can deal with Tom and have an interesting menu. We will be back.

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