Bicycling to Grandmother’s house

Most of my exercise this year has been walking, but today I got out my bicycle. I went up to Ramsey County Road C and headed west. Crossing into Hennepin County this becomes 29th Avenue NorthEast. I went as far as Hayes. One house in from the corner of 29th and Hayes is the house where my grandparents lived, and my mother grew up.

My grandfather died in 1956, when I was five years old, so I barely remember him. But Grandma Glenn lived on in the house until she had a stroke in the early ’70’s and could not manage it any more. My family and I visited her many times when I was young. When we got older my brothers and I learned to take the train without our parents. They would see us aboard at Union Station in Chicago, and Grandma would meet us at the station in Minneapolis. For some reason unknown to us the train always waited for two hours in St. Paul, which was very frustrating. It gave me a irrational distaste for the east Metro which I only overcame when mia_mcdavid and our family moved here in ’98.

After looking at the house, and taking these pictures I rode home. This was easier than going out, since the west wind was helping me instead of fighting me. The total round trip ride was about 12.4 miles. I was wearing my pedometer. It only gave me credit for about 3 miles. This is OK. Bicycling is much more energy-efficient than walking. In fact, in energy expended per unit distance it is the most efficient form of transportation in the animal kingdom. Hence it is appropriate that my pedometer, which is intended to measure exercise, i.e. energy expended, should deeply discount the credit it gives me for bicycling.

The pedometer credits me with 17256 steps/5.17 mile for the day. It shows 6353 aerobic steps (sustained exercise) in 62 minutes.

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