Irish Class, July 27, 2009

Irish Class, July 27, 2009

Rang Gaeilge, 27ú lá Mí na Iúil


  • We are meeting at the Dunn Bros. at Lake Ave. and the River
  • Irish Fair 8/7-9
  • First Fall class at Central 9/14

We continued work on the Practise exercise from
our last class.

grudaigh brew v
i rith during
iomarca excess, too many
barr top m1
maol bare, blunt adj
maoil rounded summit, hillock, bare crown f2
sainmhíniú definition m4
gloine glass f4. Both the substance and the object you drink from
bratach flag
flannbhuí orange adj—the color, not the fruit

Tá an iomarca leabhair thar mar is gá. I have more books
than I need.
Note repetition
Beirim leabhair thar mar is gá. I am carrying more books than needed. Contrast above.
Tá sainmhíniú an fhocail thar an gceart an Fhoclóir
The definition of the word “maoil” is beyond the range of
the Foclóir Póca.
Don’t repeat article, hence not
an tsainmhíniú —?
is gá is needed
ar bhord on a table
ar bord on board [a ship, etc.]
thar cionn excellent


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