Ag ól as píobán dóiteáin arís

Drinking from the fire hose again.This afternoon I got back from Gaeltacht Minnesota‘s Weekend in Winona. It was great! A lot of practise with Irish. I had the same instructor I have had the last two years, and who also taught my section of the Spring Workshop in St. Paul.

We had a special guest Friday evening: Máirtín de Cógáin. He started by thanking us for “putting pressure on the Irish people” (to keep the Irish language alive) and it just got better.

There was a break late Saturday afternoon. I went out for a walk on the Mississippi bluffs around the campus, including the “Rattlesnake Trail”. Great fun, but next year I will bring a compass and get a map.

I got to talk more with two of the Chicago area students who came last year. I had felt quite intimidated by them at that time—they are very good. Of course they are really nice people. I was on K’s team for the “pub quiz” (in Irish) Saturday night. She really did most of the work, but all of us contributed and our team won. I had a nice chat with her husband M during the party afterwards.

There was a woman present who was just along for the ride. She was accompanying her husband, who was a student in my section. She spent a lot of time knitting. I chatted with her and K Sunday morning. She is the knitting expert at her local (Rochester, MI) yarn store. I gave her one of Mia’s business cards. K is also a knitter and so I gave her a card as well. Both were disappointed that the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair (where mia_mcdavid was selling) was the same weekend. If the events follow the same schedule next year, they should go to the Fiber Fair on Friday. They could have 3 hours there and still make it to Winona for the start of the workshop that evening.

Edit: Pictures by Lou Miranda. Thanks, Lou!

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