Software upgrades

Sunday afternoon I upgraded my employer’s database backup utility. This is something I had been putting off: Nobody in the office was pressuring me to make the upgrade, and the old version had been working quite well. In my line of work keeping the integrity of the backups may be the absolute top priority: If you have good backups you can recover from anything else. If not….you are at best playing Russian roulette. At worst….update your resume, and you will have to be creative.

In fact, the upgrade was quite smooth, and the new version has a cleaner interface. I have done backups and recoveries with it over the last few days with absolutely no trouble.

Meanwhile, I have upgraded my two workstations at home. At the office I work in a thoroughly Microsoft environment: SQL Server 2000 and 2005 on Windows Server 2003, accessed from Windows XP workstations. But at home I prefer Linux. I have upgraded my two workstations to Slackware release 12.1/kernel 2.6.24, and added the subsequent upgrade to Firefox 3. I still need to do mia_mcdavid‘s machine, which is still at Slackware 12.0/kernel 2.6.21/Firefox 2.x. As the user, she only gets the upgrades after they have been tested and the bugs worked out :-)>

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