Irish Class, Monday, January 28, 2008

Irish Class, Monday night, January 28, 2008

Irish Class, January 28, 2008



EDIT: Revised based on these comments by mobhlog

Go raibh maith agat, a Lou!

We started with a picture description exercise. Nick showed some pictures, and we described
what we saw as Gaeilge

ar siúl happening as in “What’s happening?”
tolg couch
ina suí sitting “in her sitting” suigh sit (v)
ina shuí sitting “in his sitting”
ina suí sitting “in their sitting”
inár suí sitting “in our sitting”
compordach comfortable
spéaclaí eyeglasses
nigh wash
dhá míle two thousand
caogadaí fifties
taobh side, flank m4 pl -anna
amuigh out, outside, outer static
istigh in, inside, inner
isteach into, in motion
amach out motion
madra donn brown dog
ainmhí animal m4
crúb paw, hoof f2
hound m4 pl -nna
aoire shepherd m4
caora sheep, ewe gs, gpl -ch. Npl -oirigh

We then had a listening exercise. Nick played (several times) a recording of a passage about
going to the theater from lesson 17 in
We were supposed to identify the verbs in each sentence as we heard it. This was quite difficult. We
heard bhí (was) quite often, but the others were indistinct.

faitíos fear, worry m1faitíos orm
fonn desire, inclination m1 fonn orm
dúirt said p of abair
fuair got p of faigh
fuaireamar we got
fuair muid we got Connemara
ag éirí becoming
Ní raibh sé a bhfad It was not long

We took another at the genitive worksheet from December
, adding some more examples.

First Declension – firinscneach
fear ainm fir ainm an fhir
bord méid boird méid an bhoird
úll méid uille méid an uille
cat ainm cait ainm an chait
leabhar méid leabhair méid an leabhair

gaol relationship, relative m1
geall pledge, wager
geallchur betting, wager m1

For the rest of class we continued our reading of Gaeileoirí.

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