Weekend so Far

I stayed home last night while mia_mcdavid went to a party at c_nocturnum‘s. Just too tired. I worked a little on some clothing for colgaffneyis and watched the second half of The Virgin Queen, which we had taped from Masterpiece Theater. Rather more episodic than part 1, skipping decades to get through the rest of her life. Did Walsingham really forge the crucial evidence that led to the execution of Mary Queen of Scots? I need to research that. The show also gave some detail on the Irish crisis (Tyrone’s rebellion, aka the Nine Year’s War) that led to the downfall of Essex in the last years of Elizabeth’s reign.

I had a good night’s sleep, which is just as well. I was suppose to have a relaxing afternoon today, skipping a colgaffneyis work session. It is not turning out that way. There is a crisis at the office, a follow-up to last weekend’s troubles. I have already done an hour’s work from home and will be going downtown before 2PM. Hopefully I will still be able to go to another friend’s party on the west side of Minneapolis tonight.

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