Woodworking notes

Over the weekend I reworked the portable shaving horse which I used at the Des Moines Ren Faire as part of colgaffneyis. It is stronger and easier to use now. It also is better able to stand the rigors of camp life and looks better as well (a dark stain obscures the otherwise painfully obvious fact that I built it out of 5 different kinds of wood–whatever scraps were handy at the time). mia_mcdavid has suggested that I call it a “shaving pony”. This is logical, but that term has already been applied to another woodworking device derived from the shaving horse, as well as a rather different gadget for basket makers.

For the October colgaffneyis events, in addition to the drawknife I used at Des Moines, I will bring along a few other tools, including a couple spokeshaves, a hooked knife, a gouge and other carving tools. Should be fun.

I have alse made a simple “nitty-noddy”(knitty-noddy?) for mia_mcdavid (Here and here are much more elegant versions). It still needs some clean up and finishing, but she is already using it.

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