The Mystery Woman

mia_mcdavid called me this morning, saying there was a message for me on our answering machine. It was from a woman named Ann, who said she remembered how much fun she had working with me a couple years ago, and giving her phone number. This could have been interesting (wife hears a message from a strange woman, talking about the good times she had with husband) :-)> I could not recall who this might be.

However, there was the phone number. I called it, and as soon as I heard the voicemail recording on the other end all became clear. My caller was a classmate from Carleton College (and happily married). I had worked with her on alumni business, notably our 30-year reunion in 2002, but had not been involved the last few years. Life with Tom was just too hard.

I suspect she is calling about our 35 year reunion next year, and wants me to join the planning committee for that. As mia_mcdavid has reported, we are making progress getting Tom placed in a group home. I will have more opportunities to do other things, including, if I choose, alumni actvities.

Mia and I both enjoyed Reunion 2002. I have happy memories of Carleton, and have had good time with my college friends subsequently. Reunion 2007 should be a good time and I hope I can help out with it.

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