Peter Follansbee is leaving Plimoth Plantation

Look out your window & I’ll be gone…

I decided a while ago to leave Plimoth Plantation so I can concentrate on a range of wood-working that falls outside the guidelines of 17th-century English furniture. That work continues to fascinate me, but I’ve been drawn in several different directions in recent years, some re-visits of work I have done before (baskets, spoons, bowls) some new areas I hope to explore. A book to finish, for example. And other stuff.

…my last day is June 27th. After that, I’ll be like most other woodworkers, laboring away – head down, alone, & silent.

“Alone, & silent” may be an exaggeration. I expect he will doing quite a bit at various traditional woodworking events over the coming years, demonstrating and teaching. I hope he
will come to one within reach of the Twin Cities

More at Peter Follansbee Has Left the Building:

… it’s also the end of an era at Plimoth. It appears that Plimoth will not replace Peter.

Peter said they were talking about adding a candle-dipper and soap-maker in his place.

While I have nothing against candles or cleanliness, this is a step backward for woodworking research into the 17th century. Peter, Jennie Alexander and a few others have been at the core of exploring and understanding the lively and robust furniture and tools from the 1600s.

No longer will you be able to visit Plimoth and watch Peter dismantle oak trees with sharp tools and a sharper tongue.

This looks like a loss for the living history community, but Peter will continue to be active in traditional woodworking. Just dressed differently.

Photo by Lost Art Press.

If you are interested in 17th woodworking. Make a Joint Stool from a Tree is an excellent book

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