Twin Cities Maker Minne-Faire

I went there this afternoon and saw lots of cool stuff.

An SCA armorer showing off some of his work.

I have made a lamellar cuirass something like this, but out of hardened leather rather than metal. Mine looks a lot like the picture in the Wikipedia article.

A trebuchet being armed

The counterweight is simply a bucket filled with whatever junk was heavy and handy

After firing the arm is upright.

Note the yurt in the background.

Inside the yurt.

An onager:


Making Shillelaghs

According to Wikpedia shillelaghs were traditionally made from oak or blackthorn. The maker here prefers ash as being lighter (To get the weight where you want it add lead shot inside the head) and less prone to fracture. I am inclined to agree. I think hickory would also work well, though you could never say it was authentic. Note the drawknife he is using to shape the wood. He is a martial artist who teaches the use of the shillelagh and makes his own because they are scarce and expensive on the market.

And in the magnificently silly department, the Ghostbusters’ car

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