Six days shalt thou labor, as much as thou art able….

“…the seventh the same, and clean out the stable.” Well, actually the house. I sorted through a couple piles of papers. I found one thing that was important, a few that were worth keeping, and otherwise filled two grocery bags for the recycler. I moved got a lot of things that had been sitting around in the living room into the rooms where they belong. With some help from our son J I cleared the area around the fireplace in the basement, so it is now fit for human habitation again. I may have doubled the usable floor space in the common areas of the house.

I made some progress on cleaning off my workbench, and made a little wooden frame to organize and manage the chargers for my various portable electronic devices (cell phone, Blackberry, Nokia 770, and Eee PC). That will keep them and their wires from wandering around the dresser top where they live. I also added an extension to the back of that dresser top. This allows me to keep it a few inches away from the wall, so as not to block the air vent behind it, and yet not have objects falling off the back.

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