Carleton Reunion Planning (Part 2–Miscellaneous Impressions)

Dinner both nights was in Severance Great Hall. A lovely setting, and the food was good Friday and great Saturday. However, there were too many of us (alumni from many classes) for the room–it was just too noisy for easy conversation. After dinner Friday several of us fled to a nearby lounge. Not an option Saturday–several of us (including me) were in the after dinner programming.
There is a new alumni computer “portal” (one of the industry fads du jour) using Cognos software, just like the project I am working on at my job. I was amused by the similarities. Unfortunately, the preferred browser is Internet Explorer, though they did have instructions for using it with Firefox. I was a little disappointed by this: I expected more use of Open Source software. After some fiddling I was able to get my Nokia 770 to connect. That uses Opera under Linux, but the Carleton system believed it was Internet Explorer :-)>
I volunteered for a couple tasks that are not among my favorite activities, simply because no one else stepped forward and somebody had to do them. One was a small part in the Saturday after-dinner skit. This was easier than I thought it would be. My experiences with colgaffneyis may have helped me there.
Dorm Life
We were staying in Nourse Hall, on the east side of campus. I never lived there in my student years. Friday night four of us stayed up late talking in SG’s room. Not drinking (or using other substances) — just talking. Very like old times.
After it was all over Saturday we walked down to the Contented Cow in downtown Northfield. In some respects the town is much improved: There was nothing like this in our student days! It was a good time, and I ended up more drunk than I have been in many years. Fortunately, there was no issue about driving. I simply walked back to Nourse, up the stairs, and fell into bed. Also like old times!
The End
Sunday morning they served coffee and scones in the Nourse dorm lounge. Some peopled had to leave early because of airplane schedules, but those of us who drove were not under such pressure. We stayed and talked until about 10 AM–nobody wanted to leave.

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