I was a compleat idiot

I usually think of myself as a very careful and responsible person. However, Sunday morning I managed to forget everything I knew about handling heavy sharp objects, and ended up in the ER. The story has been told by mia_mcdavid here and by rillaspins in her LJ. I am grateful for the care and support provided by them and the other members of colgaffneyis who were present, including twolodge, botanicavix, and rhymeswithghoti, and also the other participants in the White Oak Rendezvous, especially B, the EMT who took me to the hospital and checked in on me several times afterwards during the day. I am very sorry for the inconvenience and worry I caused all of them. The incident was entirely the result of my own stupidity and I will do all I can to be sure something like that does not happen again.

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