2011 Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event

I went to another of these on Saturday, same place as last year’s. Lots of wonderful Lie-Nielsen tools:

I watched a demo of sharpening plane irons. It was similar to what I saw last year, in fact it looked like the same bench for the tools. But this year the demonstrator was a man my height, rather than a 5’4″ woman. He said that prefers his sharpening station to be about 40″ high, rather than the 34″ or so of this bench. So I will be modifying my sharpening station.

His basic technique was to use 150-180 grit sandpaper on a granite block to form the main bevel, and then just a few stroke on an 8000 water stone for the microbevel. The results were impressive. Same basic honing guide as last year, and what I have here.

Once again I saw a small hammer being used for blade adjustment. Definitely something to try.

While these are billed as Lie-Nielsen event, other hand tools companies are also invited. Glen-Drake Toolworks was there, with their specialized hammers:

I got to experiment with one of G-D’s dovetail saws and also was able to handle their Wild West Joinery saw.

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