• Ask Dr B: Is the multiverse science? Is the multiverse real?
  • Dear Dr B: Can you think of a single advancement in theoretical physics, other than speculation, since the early 1980’s?
  • Dear Dr. B: What do physicists mean when they say time doesn’t exist?
  • No evidence for spacetime foam
  • How can we test quantum gravity?
  • The LHC “nightmare scenario” has come true
  • The Philosophy of Modern Cosmology (srsly)
  • Where are we on the road to quantum gravity?
  • Hey Bill Nye, Please stop talking nonsense about quantum mechanics.
  • What makes an idea worthy? An interview with Anthony Aguirre
  • What if the universe was like a pile of laundry?
  • Sorry, the universe wasn’t made for you
  • Yes, a violation of energy conservation can explain the cosmological constant
  • No, physicists have not created “negative mass”
  • New paper claims string theory can be tested with Bose-Einstein-Condensates
  • Self-tuning brings wireless power closer to reality
  • Dear Dr B: Why are neutrinos evidence for physics beyond the standard model?
  • I totally mean it: Inflation never solved the flatness problem.
  • The Bullet Cluster as Evidence against Dark Matter
  • Space may not be as immaterial as we thought
  • How Popper killed Particle Physics
  • Naturalness is dead. Long live naturalness.
  • How do you prove that the Earth is older than 10,000 years?
  • Astrophysicist discovers yet another way to screw yourself over when modifying Einstein’s theory
  • The cosmological constant is not the worst prediction ever. It’s not even a prediction.
  • Research perversions are spreading. You will not like the proposed solution.
  • Reasoning in Physics
  • Sometimes I believe in string theory. Then I wake up.
  • Pure Nerd Fun: The Grasshopper Problem
  • Physics Facts and Figures
  • Shut up and simulate. (In which I try to understand how dark matter forms galaxies, and end up very confused.)
  • The Multiworse Is Coming
  • Modified Gravity and the Radial Acceleration Relation, Again
  • Hawking’s “Final Theory” is not groundbreaking
  • Particle Physicists begin to invent reasons to build next larger Particle Collider
  • Book Review: “Farewell to Reality” by Jim Baggott
  • No, that galaxy without dark matter has not ruled out modified gravity
  • A black hole merger… merger… merger
  • The Overproduction Crisis in Physics and Why You Should Care About It
  • Looking in the Wrong Places
  • New results confirm old anomaly in neutrino data
    MiniBooNE Reports of sterile neutrino’s resurrection may be greatly exaggerated
  • Physicist concludes there are no laws of physics.
    There Are No Laws of Physics. There’s Only the Landscape.
  • Astrophysicists try to falsify multiverse, find they can’t.
  • How nature became unnatural
  • Limits of Reductionism
  • No, we probably dont live in a computer simulation
  • Evidence for modified gravity is now evidence against it.
    A bad prior can give you misleading results.

    Example: Suppose you have an artificially intelligent infrared camera. One night it issues an alert: Something’s going on in the bushes of your garden. The AI tells you the best fit to the observation is a 300-pound hamster, the second-best fit is a pair of humans in what seems a peculiar kind of close combat. Which option do you think is more likely?

    I’ll go out on a limb and guess the second. And why is that? Because you probably know that 300-pound hamsters are somewhat of a rare occurrence, whereas pairs of humans are not. In other words, you have a different prior than your camera.
  • 10 physics facts you should have learned in school but probably didn’t
  • Guest Post: Tam Hunt roasts Carlo Rovelli about the Nature of Time
  • Penrose claims LIGO noise is evidence for Cyclic Cosmology
  • Get your protons right!
  • Roger Penrose still looks for evidence of universal rebirth
  • Science has a problem, and we must talk about it
  • Superfluid dark matter passes another check: strong gravitational lensing
  • Dear Dr B: What do you actually live from?
  • First stars spell trouble for dark matter
  • String theory pros and cons
  • String theory pros and cons
  • Dark matter. Or what?
  • Superfluid Dark Matter
  • Physics may be up against the wall, anno 1986
  • Modified gravity, demystified
  • New paper claims that LIGO’s gravitational wave detection from a neutron star merger can’t be right
  • The present phase of stagnation in the foundations of physics is not normal
  • CERN produces marketing video for new collider and it’s full of lies
  • No, negative masses have not revolutionized cosmology
  • Don’t ask what science can do for you.
  • Black-hole computing
  • g-
  • How the LHC may spell the end of particle physics
  • Electrons don’t think
  • Letter from a reader: “What’s so bad about randomness?”
  • If it quacks like a black hole
  • Good Problems in the Foundations of Physics
  • Just because it’s falsifiable doesn’t mean it’s good science.
  • When gravity breaks down
  • Dark Matter – Or What?
  • Never again confuse Dark Matter with Dark Energy
  • What Is Dark Energy? | Full Debate | Erik Verlinde, Sabine Hossenfelder, Catherine Heymans
  • Science has a problem. Here is how you can help.
  • Nonsense arguments for building a bigger particle collider that I am tired of hearing (The Ultimate Collection)
  • Dear Dr B: Does the LHC collide protons at twice the speed of light?
  • Is the universe a hologram? Gravitational wave interferometers may tell us.
  • Does the world need a larger particle collider?
  • How Heroes Hurt Science
  • The LHC has broken physics, according to this philosopher
  • When Beauty Gets in the Way of Science
  • Quantum gravity phenomenology \neq detecting gravitons
  • Comments on “Quantum Gravity in the Lab” in Scientific American
  • Yes, scientific theories have to be falsifiable. Why do we even have to talk about this?
  • Quantum Mechanics is wrong. There, I’ve said it.
  • 10 things you should know about black holes
  • SFI Community Lecture – Sabine Hossenfelder – How Beauty Leads Physics Astray
    Was läuft falsch in der gegenwärtigen Physik?
  • Does the Higgs-boson exist?
  • Do I exist?
    Do I exist?
  • Quantum Physics: Still mysterious after all those years
  • Does God exist? Science does not have an answer.
  • The multiverse hypothesis: Is our universe the only one?
  • If we spend money on a larger particle collider, we risk that progress in physics stalls.
  • Guest Post: A conversation with Lee Smolin about his new book “Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution”
  • Physicists are out to unlock the muon’s secret
  • Book review: “Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution” by Lee Smolin
  • Brace for the oncoming deluge of dark matter detectors that won’t detect anything
  • Quantum Supremacy: What is it and what does it mean?
  • Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder
  • No, we will not open a portal to a parallel universe
  • Why the multiverse is religion, not science
  • M is for Maggot, N is for Nonsense
  • Science Shrugs
  • Special Breakthrough Prize awarded for Supergravity
  • How we know that Einstein’s General Relativity can’t be quite right
  • How do black holes destroy information and why is that a problem?
  • Solutions to the black hole information paradox
  • What’s up with LIGO?
  • The five most promising ways to quantize gravity
  • Book Review: “Something Deeply Hidden” by Sean Carroll
  • Why do some scientists believe that our universe is a hologram?
  • Mind the Gap Between Science and Religion
  • What is so great about the foundations of physics?
  • The Trouble with Many Worlds
  • The Trouble with Many Worlds – Transcript
  • Has Reductionism Run its Course?
  • What does the future of particle physics hold?
  • Dark matter nightmare: What if we are just using the wrong equations?
  • Sabine Hossenfelder on Physics, Reality, and Lost in Math
  • The Problem with Quantum Measurement
  • The crisis in physics is not only about physics
  • Have we really measured gravitational waves?
  • How can we test a Theory of Everything?
  • Did scientists get climate change wrong?
  • Can we tell if there’s a wormhole in the Milky Way?
  • What is dark energy?
  • Dark Energy might not exist after all
  • Is the Anthropic Principle scientific?
  • Why the laws of nature are not inevitable, never have been, and never will be
  • What Quantum Gravity Needs Is More Experiments
  • How Scientists Can Avoid Cognitive Bias
  • The path we didn’t take
  • What does a theoretical physicist do?
  • Galaxy Song, Monty Python (cover) [music video]
  • How did the universe begin?
  • My most read blogposts of the decade
  • The Real Butterfly Effect
  • Physics Update January 2020
  • Why the foundations of physics have not progressed for 40 years
    Why the foundations of physics have not progressed for 40 years In Praise Of ‘Normal Science’
  • Black Hole Echoes
  • Does nature have a minimal length?
  • Guest Post: “Undecidability, Uncomputability and the Unity of Physics. Part 1.” by Tim Palmer
    >Guest Post: “Undecidability, Uncomputability and the Unity of Physics. Part 2.” by Tim Palmer
  • Ivory Tower [Official Music Video]
  • The Reproducibility Crisis: An Interview with Prof. Dorothy Bishop
    The Reproducibility Crisis
  • The 10 Most Important Physics Effects
  • How good is the evidence for Dark Energy?
  • Is Gravity a Force?
  • Unpredictability, Undecidability, and Uncomputability
  • Are Dark Matter and Dark Energy Scientific?
  • It’s the end of the world as we know it (coronavirus edition) [music video]
  • Sabine Hossenfelder – What are Breakthroughs in Science?
  • What is emergence? What means emergent?
  • What is Reductionism?
  • The Greenhouse Blues
  • Heisenberg’s Microscope
  • Understanding Quantum Mechanics #1: It’s not about discreteness
  • No, physicists have not explained why there is more matter than anti-matter in the universe. It’s not possible.
  • The Raven Paradox
    The Raven Paradox
  • Book Review: “A Philosophical Approach To MOND” by David Merritt
  • Predictions are overrated
  • „Wir brauchen eine neue Theorie“
  • A Brief History of Black Holes
  • Understanding Quantum Mechanics #1: It’s not about discreteness
  • Understanding Quantum Mechanics #2: Superposition and Entanglement
  • Understanding Quantum Mechanics #3: Non-locality
  • Is faster-than-light travel possible?
  • Talk To Me, Peaches (Cover) [music video]
  • Physics is still in crisis
  • Sabine Hossenfelder: Lost in Math — The Heroine’s Journey. Into The Impossible Ep. 54
  • How to search for alien life
  • The World Doesn’t Need a New, Gigantic Particle Collider
    Guest Post: “Who Needs a Giant New Collider?” by Alessandro Strumia
  • How to tell science from pseudoscience
  • The Truth about Scientific Models
  • Born’s rule from almost nothing
  • 10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Dark Matter
  • Is COVID there if nobody looks?
  • What is Quantum Metrology?
  • Do we need a Theory of Everything?
    Do we need a Theory of Everything?
  • Understanding Quantum Mechanics: It’s not so difficult!
  • Understanding Quantum Mechanics #2: Superposition and Entanglement
  • Understanding Quantum Mechanics #5: Decoherence
  • Einstein’s Greatest Legacy: Thought Experiments
  • What is Einstein’s Equivalence Principle?
  • REALLY Big Experiments That Physicists Dream Of
  • Understanding Quantum Mechanics #5: Decoherence
  • Theories of Everything [Music Video]/a>
  • Flat Earth “Science” — Wrong, but not Stupid
  • Do we travel through time at the speed of light?
  • What is a Singular Limit?
  • Path Dependence and Tipping Points
  • What is Quantum Cryptography?
  • Follow the Science? Nonsense, I say.
  • Understanding Quantum Mechanics #6: It’s not just a theory for small things
  • What are Differential Equations and how do they work?
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