System Updates

Back in August “I upgraded my Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) systems to 22.04.1 (jammy jellyfish).” At that time I noted:

Back in my working days, we were taught never to upgrade an OS in place. Always do a fresh install. That would have been a lot of work for my home systems. I think I got away with the upgrades in place this time, but I don’t think I should push my luck in two years when the next Ubuntu LTS releases comes out. At that point, however, I will probably get new hardware. My computers are quite old. They run Windows 10 OK, but when I use it I get warned that Windows 11 will not run on them.

That system was Donegal (I name my computers after Counties in Ulster), the computer I used most on a daily basis. I was able to get the upgrade to work, but there were some errors. I was able to get around these, but there have still been occasional glitches. I had another machine, Tyrone, with similar specs where I had made a clean installation of 22.04, so I decided to make that my primary system, while repurposing Donegal as my primary Windows system. In fact both are multiple boot systems, each running Windows 10 and two Linux distributions, so I have redundancy.

The trick is getting everything to work on Tyrone. In particular, it is now my Samba server, hosting my files. This took a little fiddling. I had forgotten to document a couple step in my Linux Configuration Notes. These have now been updated, so the next time I move my Samba server this process will be smoother.

I simply copied my $HOME/bin directory, which is mostly backup scripts, to the new system and installed the trash-cli package. So far everything is working fine. This is not surprising since the files to be backed up are in the same directory structures on the new system and there are no references to the system name.

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