Slackware Diary – 1

  1. Added local network names to /etc/hosts.
  2. Downloaded pCloud client. It works. No FUSE issues.
  3. Could not access sharable directories on an Ubunu server with Dolphin file manager. Succeeded with Thunar. Did fine with command line and sftp. Might be using Thunar as my file manager going forward.
  4. When attempting to sudo got the ‘Username’ is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported, which I have experienced in Debian. The fix for Slackware is different. After looking at the bottom of /etc/sudoers I created a one-line file in the directory /etc/sudoers.d with the line.my_user_name ALL=(ALL) ALLApparently you can give any name to the files in this directory

Next things to do:

  1. Add local .profile (or .bash_profile) and .bashrc files. In particular I need to change the prompt to show the current directory.
  2. Slackware does not have the vast repositories of application software of Ubuntu and other distributions. One way to get around this is with Flatpak. The Slackbuilds entry for flatpak did not get me anywhere, but Solène’s page looks promising, both for this and for other applications in Slackbuilds.

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