The Words of an American Muslim extremist

Memphian drifted to dark side of Islamic extremism, plotted one-man jihad vs. homeland
(As GetReligion asked: What is the light side of Islamic extremism?)

I know the real reason why [the FBI and CIA are] so (quiet). And it’s because they dropped the ball with me and not just me. Nidal (Malik Hasan, the U.S. Army major charged in the Fort Hood shootings), Umar Farouk (the Nigerian charged for trying to detonate plastic explosives on a Northwest Airlines flight), Faisal (Shahzad, the Pakistani-American sentenced to life in prison for his failed attempt to bomb Times Square) and others who evaded their agents and devices and paid-informants posing as Muslims.

They can’t catch us all.

I’m just one Muhammad There are millions of Muhammads out there. And I hope and pray the next one be more deadlier than Muhammad Atta!! (peace be upon him) commander of the blessed raids in NY and D.C. on 9/11.

Far as Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula I won’t say much but yes, I’m affiliated with them. And it’s more of a Islamic Revivalist Revolutionary Movement than an organization. Same with other Al-Qaeda fronts. Our goal is to rid the Islamic world of idols and idolaters, paganism and pagans, infidelity and infidels, hypocrisy and hypocrites, apostasy and apostates, democracy and democrats and relaunch the Islamic caliphate … and to establish Islamic law (Shari’ah) — Allah’s law on earth and anyone who strives for this is affiliated with the movement.

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